Our Story

It all started in 2020. The founder and CEO Godwin Aluka wanted to make lives easier, so he founded GODONSKI, With the help of his Team, they set out to design their first product, they knew it had to be cool-looking and smartly-designed. It also had to be made of the finest materials available, because they cared about quality.

They didn’t stop at just their first product—they kept going! The company grew from there, and now we offer different type of products that help people live better, more efficient lives. At GODONSKI, we believe in making high-quality products that people want and need—and we guarantee you’re going to love them.

Our mission

Our mission is to make lives easier by providing the highest quality products and services possible in a timely fashion, at a competitive price. We pledge to establish lasting relationships with our customers by exceeding their expectations and gaining their trust through exceptional performance by every member of our team.


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